A Gardener for Southeast London and Kent

They say that Kent is "the garden of england", well I believe that South East London is the Garden of London. So what a pefect place to be a Gardener!

I love Gardening, ever since I was a young boy in Italy. I always knew what I wanted to do with my life. So when I came to London I decided to settle in the greenest part of London, the South East.

Based in Blackheath, I now bring my Italian passion for Gardening to the good people of South East London and Kent.

Italians are known for their good food and wine, their culture and family, we enjoy all of these 'alfresco' or outside. So bring some Italian passion to your 'alfresco'!

Gardening Services provided

  • Lawn Care: Mowing and Cutting, Feeding, Soil and Site Preperation, Controling Lawn Weeds, etc
  • Tree Work: Tree Selection, Soil Preperation, Planting and Pruning, Training etc
  • Hedges: Shrub Selection, Trimming and Training, Controling Pests, etc
  • Flower Plants: Designing Beds and Borders, Soil preparation and planting, Planting in containers and Routing care (watering, fertilizing, mulching, weeding, improving flowering... etc

The Italian Job Garden Services are owned and managed by Massimo Nocera.

Massimo has a National Certificate in Gardening RHS Level 2 from the world-famous Capel Manor Gardening College, more than 5 years practical experience in the industry and is fully qualified and insured to operate garden equipment. He also has 4 years of experience in Turin as a gardener for "Palazzo Reale" (The Royal Palace of Turin).

Massimo thinks that "anyone can be a gardener but only a professional and passionate gardener can really take care of your garden as you would do and you would like". His philosophy focuses on harmony, balance and simplicity with a touch of realism regarding your budgets and maintenance requirements.

All work undertaken by The Italian Job Garden Services will be fully insured. We only use the best tools and the best equipment to ensure we provide the best quality of work.